Colegio Inmaculado Corazón - Lima Perú

Lista - Colegio Inmaculado Corazón - Lima Perú

EIC has a long tradition of excellence in education.  Academic achievement and religious formation in values are the pillars of this success.   This success is manifested in our graduates whose personal and professional lives exemplify our teachings.  Our graduates continually return to their beloved EIC to share their life stories and to visit the chapel to give thanks to God and His dear mother, Mary, for their abundant blessings.  It is with great pride and gratitude to Almighty God that we share some of their success stories.

Welcome to the EIC Alumni Directory.  Please browse through the list and take advantage of the information we have provided.  We hope it can be useful for reunions or it may simply be a trip down memory lane.  We welcome your input or additional information you may have to share.  Please come back to EIC for a visit, we’d love to see you again!